Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely day. I know I did. We went out to eat, we ran some errands, I got a couple of gifts, and Seamus was in bed by 10. All in all, life is good. My morning started off with my first gift, Pixelmator, a new image editor for Mac. It’s Mac’s answer to Paint Shop Pro. All in all, I’m pretty impressed- especially for the price. Paint Shop Pro cost me $120 back in 2006, Pixelmator cost me $59.
Afterwards, we went to Outback, had a very weird waiter and a lovely meal. Since pretty much all of our lightbulbs downstairs burned out this past week, we had to the go to Target and pick up a bulk package of lightbulbs (literally we came home and killed off 5 out of the package straightaway). regular, boring, everyday crap. But, there, in the clearance section of the home department, I met…

The Aerogarden

I love how futuristic it looks. That last picture looks like a bunch of tiny UFOs. The bottom part holds the water reservoir and the tray that holds the seed "pods". The lamp hangs over to  warm the seeds for 17 hours a day and automatically shuts off at night. The little plastic tops stay on until the seeds sprout and then come off so the plants can grow. Right now, I’m growing the set that came with the AeroGarden- a set of herbs. Thyme, chives, Italian basil, purple basil, dill, mint and parsley. But what I REALLY want to grow are chili peppers and tomatoes. I’ll buy those next. I am so unabashedly excited about this thing. I think it is completely FULL of awesome.

Meet my new salt pygg. Man, I’m on a kitchen kick, aren’t I? This little pyggy (pyggie?) was made by June of Rising Sun Earth Works. I have been wanting one of these for AGES, but the only decent looking ones I could find were from William-Sonoma. And, while I love my overpriced cookware as much as the next foodie, they just didn’t have enough character. This one, with it’s lovely blue-green glaze definitely does.

I do work sometimes. I slowed down on how much I’m doing- mostly selling from my Etsy store now. Seamus is at a needier age and needs more attention than I could give him with my previous workload. My current pace is much more relaxed and I’m starting to enjoy my work again. 🙂 These are newborn sized and made from Dashing Dach’s "Weiner Dog" on stallion merino. Maddy approves.