The Moosey beans kit contains:

Ready-to fill beanbags and a darning needle.

You will need

1 bag of DRY beans of your choice- I used black eyes peas, which worked fine, but I would recommend something larger. OR to make your beanbags washable, use aquarium gravel (Thanks, ‘Manda!)

Measuring cup

If you are using a measuring cup, measure out 1 cup of beans- you may need more or less depending on preference.

Fill your beanbag with beans to your liking- even the littlest of little ones can do this (pictured is my 2-year old pouring)!
If you are not using a measuring cup, you can add a few beans at a time until you reach your desired density.

Mom, Dad, or an older child can then thread the darning needle onto the long tail on the beanbag…

And start sewing from one end to the other with a whip stitch (which is just in and out, in and out, always starting on the same side).

You will have a small tail left.

Re-insert your needle, and pull the yarn about halfway through, leaving a loop on one side.

Insert the small tail through the loop…

And pull tight!

Re-thread your darning needle and insert through the stitches you just made

Snip the end.

And enjoy! 🙂