I got my laptop-and I LOVE IT. Why didn’t I get a Mac sooner?! And it’s sexy. It may even be sexier than…gasp…me. It definitely has a learning curve, but once you get used to it, it’s great. I need to get some new photo software for it and I’ll be all set. Last week I bought a case for it so it will be protected from sticky little toddler hands in pink!

I joined Weight Watchers yesterday. The online version, not the go-to-the-storefront version, because I do not need to go to meetings and be lectured about being fat. I started off doing Atkins, but Atkins gives me migraines so badly. Plus, I just can’t stick with it- it’s too strict. I mean, if you fall off the wagon for even a few days, you can easily undo all the hard work you’ve put in. I need flexibility. Plus, the online food journaling you have to do makes me accountable for what I’m putting in my mouth. Yay, accountability! I don’t want to be super-duper skinny, that’s not going to happen; I’d just like to be able to buy my clothes off the rack at the Gap. Mike, as always, is supportive. Love that man, he’s the greatest.

Last night we went and had one last hurrah at O’Lordan’s Irish Pub (unless you like Irish music, kill your speakers before clicking this link). It was fantastic; totally delicious. It’s going on my list of places to take Mom and Dad when they visit in Nov.

Recently one of my favorite people, Hilary of A-Squared Designs joined K&F. For her debut stocking, she and I did a monster collaboration. I did it in a 3T, secretly hoping it wouldn’t sell, but of course it did. It was adorable, how could it not?


Recently, I got to do a couple of fun embellishing projects. One was for Dawn, whom I adore. Her older son, Eli, who is 4, felt left out that his little brother got so many packages, so she got Kellie of BugabooBottoms to make him a pair of longies and Kellie sent them to me for embellishing. Eli’s favorite movie is The Incredibles, but we needed it to be Eli-centric. So, I took The Incredibles logo, changed some colors around, and changed the “i” to an “e” (for Eli!). Please note my huge piles of snow, Andrea. *snort*

But this one was my favorite. It almost made me want to have another baby, LOL. This was for a fellow moose lover who was about to have a baby. She knitted up the longies and the hat. She wanted a moose on the bum of the pants, but she was torn on the hat. Finally, I came up with putting a moose track on the hat and I think it turned out SO CUTE.

These, I love the embellishment on. The colorway is “Sushi Sonnets” by Dyeing to Fly and what else could be added to them, but sushi? They’re newborn sized.

Moose Tracks is turning one on March 3rd. I cannot believe I’ve been in business for a year. I’ve so enjoyed it and I hope the 2nd year is just as enjoyable. ❤
Seamus (finally!) recently learned his name. He’s so funny- I guess Seamus is a bit hard to say, so when he says it, it comes out “may-mus”, which sounds like he’s saying “maim us”. LOL Last night, he introduced himself to this woman in Old Navy, “Hi, I May-mus”. he got all freaked out when she said his eyes were beautiful and could she have them? He covered his eyes and started screaming, “NO, MY EYES!”. Actually, those are his momma’s eyes. I laid claim to them first. 😛

You’re taking me to bed?! NOOOOOOO!