Warning: This is the ultimate in geeky Shanna posts. Feel free to skip.

My poor HP Pavillion laptop- that I got when I was pregnant with Seamus- is finally biting the dust. About 6 months ago, the battery quit holding a charge- fine, I just kept it plugged in all the time. Then couple of months ago, I opened it up and one of the hinges snapped. I was still using it, but then it started randomly turning itself off. I think the time has now come to say goodbye to my poor abused transcontinental HP laptop. So, tonight, I broke out our military CC (which I never use, despite the APR being insanely low) and ordered a MacBook Pro. I intended to buying a regular MacBook, but the deal I found was too good to pass up. It’s being drop shipped, so should be here on or around Valentine’s Day, along with a game I ordered for Mike. Aren’t we in with the spirit of Valentine’s Day? As Mike plays his new XBox game, I’ll be setting up my new laptop. Kinky.

So, yes, I’ve gone to the dark side after years and years and years of being a die-hard PC fan. And why? Well, for one, a Mac suits my needs better for photo editing and such, but one of the biggest reasons is the EVIL WINDOWS VISTA. Yeah, sure, it’s pretty, but it’s a resource hog from hell and I refuse to have it in my presence. Are you proud of yourself, Bill Gates?

This is the laptop I got (the first option- 2.2GHz, 15" screen, etc)– I didn’t order it directly from Apple, though, and I paid a bit less. I thought about getting the new MacBook Air, and was almost sold on it, but the stats on it are HORRIBLE for the price. I realize they couldn’t load it up and still have it be so thin (only 3/4"!), but seriously- $1799 for no CD player, an 80G hard drive, and a 13" screen? I think not. The solution for the lacking CD player is both (a) an external CD/DVD writer/ROM drive, which is fine- although I can’t imagine using it anywhere without a desk or table, and (b) a program that allows you to put a Mac CD in a seperate PC and access it from the Mac to download programs- seems like a HUGE PITA to me.

Speaking of terrible stats, not too long ago on G4, they did a special on the new Limited Edition World of Warcraft Dell Laptop. Mike and I watched it, both thinking, "wow, that’s pretty cool!"…until we saw the price! $4,500. Wait, what? $4,500?! It’s nice, but it’s not THAT nice. And the thing weighs over 10lbs! It’s chock-full off crap you’ll never need, and the best part is: the crap that it’s chock-full of isn’t even top-of-the-line stuff. For that price, I expect more.

And finally, on a non-geeky note, my darling toddler is officially potty trained. No more diapers. It’s a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, I’m happy to be doing no more diapers and on the other, I’m sad that he’s no longer a baby. He such a smart kid. We called my mom to tell her about Seamus using the potty with no accidents for 2 days. Seamus got on the phone and my mom said, "Have you been using the potty?!!" Seamus said, "Yep, I used the potty!" Mom said, "And I heard you even pooped in the potty!" He said, "Yep! It came out of my butt!" Love it.