OK, so I meant to blog about business last Tuesday (or was it the Tuesday before?), but Seamus and I both came down with the flu and it knocked us for a loop. We’re both better now, but I’ve been working by butt off to make up for my week of work lost.

Back off my Moose Munch, Woman.

This lovely longie-hat combo set was made, not by me, but by my beloved (and pregnant!) Bridgett of Desert Blooms. She and I traded. I made her son a pair of penguin longies and she made Seamus these gorgeous longies from Mosaic Moon‘s "Dublin" on Uraguay merino. They are amazing, soft, and exactly what I wanted.

These were made for a collaboration between me and Julia of Julia*Dream based on the book "If you Give a Moose a Muffin". The yarn is a handspun merino called "Flipper" by MaiMaiBB. I felted the moose myself and sewed him on and I felted and sewed the muffin, jam, and butter. I loved this set SO MUCH. It physically pained me to sell it. And if it hadn’t gone for $176 (!), I might have never gotten over it. Which reminds me, I still need to email the yarn maker and see if she can make me some more yarn.

Oh, how tiny and sweet! I made these for K&F‘s birthday celebration. They are newborn/small sized longies and hat (please note my very first attempt at both a hat and a pompom) on Dashing Dach‘s Stallion merino in her Goldfish colorway. I ended up selling them to a beautiful mama in Croatia. I can add another pin to my map.

(Has anyone caught on yet that I’m going backwards through my Flickr account?) Look at my little chef. Seamus’ favorite thing in the world is to cook. He can make muffins (with help, obviously), he helped me make the dressing for Thanksgiving dinner, and he can scramble eggs. And surprisingly, he does a GREAT job. For Christmas he got a silicone spatula and an apron with his name on it. I want to keep encouraging him. I want him to know how to cook. Mike can’t cook at all and it’s frustrating.

SNOW! Andrea is currently reading this, going, "Girl, you haven’t SEEN snow yet." In the middle of the night on December 5th, Mother Nature dumped 7 inches of snow on us. Now, to most people, that’s no big deal. To me, it’s a HUGE DEAL. Bear in mind: I’m from Southern Alabama, I have lived in Georgia and the tropical island of Okinawa. I had never in my life seen proper snow- nothing beyond flurries that resulted in a couple of centimeters that melted by noon, so 7 inches was like winning (or losing) the snow lottery. Seamus LOVED it. I loved it until I realized my jeans, socks, and shoes were soaked through and I was getting (shock) REALLY FREAKING COLD. It melted within a couple of days

This set was a complete labor of love. First, I made Seamus’ manpris from Dashing Dachs‘ "Weiner Dog". The weiner dog print raglan shirt is courtesy of Hilary at A-squared Designs. The adorable hoodie is from Lorraine at Sewn Together on Club Thread. And lastly, but most ceratinly not least, is the adorable doggy sweater for Miss Maddy from my beloved Lindsay. Don’t they look absolutely freaking adorable together? I couldn’t ask for a better set. 

So that brings us all up to speed. I’ll leave you with one last Seamus story. The other day, I caught Seamus climbing on the counter in the kitchen to get a snack from the cabinet. I walked in there, took him down and popped him on the butt (Ok, yes, let’s stop right there- yes, you read that right, I spank my child on occasion when I can’t get through to him any other way. yes, blah blah blah, I’m a huge scumbag and I deserve to die. But you know what? Dr Sears may have had 500 kids and taught the joys of never spanking your child, but Dr Sears never had a Seamus who pushed him to his limits). He narrowed his eyes, lowered his brow, pointed at me, and said (in an incredibly tough-sounding 2-year-old voice), "ME NO WANT YOU TO SPANKY DA BUTT." If you could have kept a straight face during that, you’re a better person than me. Night!