To do this week:

  1. Finish Amy’s custom
  2. Finish trade with diamonds622
  3. Finish storybook collab with Julia*Dream for K&F Nov 16
  4. Get started on items for K&F birthday Nov 23

I finally got into Ravelry– YAY! My username over there is rather uncreatively "Shanna", big shock there. Oh, how I love being able to organize my projects, my yarn, and all the things that come along with fiber arts. I love the progress pictures, the groups, everything.

I have gotten to do a few fun projects since I last wrote. This one, in particular was SO MUCH FUN. A customer sent me a picture her older daughter had drawn of her holding hands with her younger sister and wanted the drawing interpreted onto the bum of some longies she had (that were made my another mom). They turned out so, so, so cute.

This was a semi-custom for a different customer with Stitches Under the Sun‘s farm yarn (oh, how farmy it was! I think I found a whole bale of hay!)- she also made the cute shirt. I originally bought this set with intentions of making it up for Seamus, but that didn’t happen. Ah well, life is paved with good intentions. I think it sturned out quite cute, though…even though it’s not for Seamus. Poor kid, he never gets anything from me.

This was my first real attempt at felting. I double felted it, cut it out to look like a teabag with a tag, tea dyed the "bag", embroidered the "tag", and sewed it on, thanks to Joyce holding my hand and walking me through it. I really loved the way the embellishment turned out. These are Dashing Dachs‘ Levi Rabbit on DK BFL for my beloved Dawn.

And, since I can’t think of anything to write, I’ll leave you with a Halloween pic of my little "kangaroot" concentrating so hard on hopping. He loved Halloween so much…and really, whats not to love? You get to go for a walk with mama to people’s houses where they tell you how cute you are and give you candy. Score! I played the part of the Mommy in the purple shirt taking her child trick-or-treating and Mike played the part of Daddy at work.