What a fantastic couple of weeks! Business is slow as can be and I don’t even care, all it means is that I’m actually going to have some time to make some things *I* want to make. The cloth diaper and soaker business slows down tremendously around Christmas- people are more interested in buying toys and gifts.

Mike went to Virginia for a class last week and Seamus and I were left to fend for ourselves. While Mike was away, Seamus managed to stick gum in his hair (which resulted in his har having to all be cut off), learn to use my rolling sewing stool to get what he wants off of anything, destroy 2 carrot cakes I made, and call my mom on the phone without me dialing (damn T-Mobile and their cute pictures to go with numbers). I was never so grateful to see my husband when he got back.

I made these longies for a Tennessee Volunteers fan. I’m not a stripe person, but these turned out pretty cute. I’m also not a Tennessee fan, but that is neither here nor there. 😛 I haven’t heard from her since she got them, so I hope she likes them. As they always say, no news is good news.

Seamus and I decorated our pumpkins this week. Well, not pumpkins, Funkins. And those are neat felt stick on decorations, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids. You may call it lazy, I call it "my-pumpkins-won’t-rot-and-shanna-was-never-meant-to-weild-a-knife-to-cut-a-real-pumpkin-anyway". I was not meant to carve a pumpkin. I probably shouldn’t even hold sharp objects. I run with scissors. These have pushpins in them and stick right in them. They’re totally Shanna-proof.

Meet my new best friend- my nostepinne (also called a nostepinde). A noste-what, you say? A nostepinne is a stick used to wind yarn into a center-pull ball. You can see instructions on how to use it here. So why don’t I just use a plastic ball winder? Well, I had one and I hated it. I wan’t very good at controlling the tension, so my "cakes" of yarn usually ended up tight and tangled and 99% of the time, I ended up re-winding the yarn into a ball, anyway. Let’s hear it for low-tech tools!

I just love these. They are Curran on Riddermark Merino by Three Irish Girls. These were for a trade I did with Bridgett of Desert-Blooms. She is working up Dublin by Mosaic Moon for me. Can. Not. Wait. She sent me this teaser and it’s killing me.

How prefect are those? I LOVE them. Bridgett loves her longies from me as well and if that weren’t enough, I posted them on Ravelry and Sharon of Three Irish Girls said she loved them. Two raves in one hour? My head may not fit through the door.