I finally updated my gallery for the first time in 2 or 3 months. ‘Bout time. I only had a few pictures to add because of the move, but in the middle of updating, I realized I’m missing a pic of my Father’s Day collab with Dawn of Serene Terrene and Joyce of Hillcountry Dollmaker. I loved that collab! How did that happen? I emailed Dawn to see if she still has a pic- I hope she does.

I worked on these 2 pairs of longies while I was in Florida, which is why my mom’s couch is the background, LOL. On the left, is Mosaic Moon’s "Arthur" colorway in squishy and delicious BFL. I wish I had a close-up picture of this colorway. It’s really beautiful. Each stitch looks like a glass bead, which, in person, gives the longies a mosaic effect. Beautiful. On the right is my beloved Yarn Love‘s (formerly: Bungalow Buns) "Cars" colorway in yummy organic merino wool. I love this collorway- and luckily I ordered enough to make some longies (if I ever get the time) for my own Cars lover.

Do you like my mini- Vanna’s hand gracefully pointing to these shorts? This was my very first experience with Selah, and I must say I am definitely impressed. I emailed them back when I started planning my "Shanna’s Leaving Japan-a" stocking because of this exact colorway. The name of it is "Tokyo". It’s absolutely beautiful and well-dyed yarn. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!

This is my first attempt at my new style of ruffle. I used to do a lacey-style ruffle, but some of my customers wanted a BIGGER ruffle. I guess I don’t get ruffles- I don’t have a girl, LOL. I’m ilruffleit. This is Zen String’s Valentino yarn on soft spun merino. Just beautiful! I love the pooling on these.

But this. This is my pièce de résistance. This is the yarn that Katie of Yarn Love‘s (formerly: Bungalow Buns) created for my "Shanna’s Leaving Japan-a" stocking. Poor Katie, she actually had to do this yarn twice for me. When I sold the slot, I had the yarn in organic merino, and when I started the work, I ran out of yarn! Eek! Luckily, the mom that bought the slot was totally cool about it and I sent Katie a cone of licorice twist merino and she dyed the whole thing up for me in this colorway, called "Japanese Joy". I think I’m going to make this my signature colorway. I love it more than anything. It’s exactly what I wanted my colorway to be when I asked her to dye it up. The flowers just MADE these longies.

I made this, I can talk about it, too, right? This being the baby Seamus, not the doll. Oh, and the shorts. I made those. The doll (aptly named "Moose") was made by my gorgeous Joyce of Hillcountry Dollmaker and I only WISH I could make dolls like that. I love how sweet Seamus has gotten lately, but along with the sweetness has come a bit of whining. However, the whining may be explained by today’s runny nose. Getting acclimated to a new location’s weather (this being especially new to us as none of us have lived anywhere where there were 4 unique seasons) has obviously gotten the better of him. Poor lil’ man.

We’ve had a time finding him a Halloween costume. Back in August, my mom bought Seamus this super-swish (not to mention super-expensive) Pirates of the Caribbean costume in Disney World for Seamus to wear for Halloween. Today I decided I better try it on him to make sure the pants didn’t need hemming or taking in. So I put the pants on him, perfect. I put the "boots" on him- they fit, too. I put the belt on him- great. I put the shirt on him and IT WON’T GO OVER HIS HEAD. The hole is too small, but I figured I could just slap a white shirt on him and be done with it. But then I go to put the headband on him and it’s too small, too. I put the hat on him (and oh, it’s SO CUTE- it looks like a pirate hat with long Jack Sparrow dreadlocks attached) and it’s too small, too. Before you suggest that it’s missized, my child has a huge head- it has always been off the charts for his age. So, now we’re down to less than a month until Halloween and I thought I was golden. Gah. So, I call my mom and she suggests trying on his costume from last year (it’s a 2T and he wears a 3T now). He was Godzilla last year (Godzilla, we lived in Japan at the time? Get it?)

This is a picture from last year.

I try it on him now and it might have worked if we lived in Florida and I was a Gator’s fan. It’s capri and 3/4 length sleeve length. And the hood won’t even go up. He looks ridiculous in it. Poor baby big head.
I have been really worried about what I’m going to do about his costume. I mean, we have about 3 weeks until Halloween and most of the websites are sold out of anything cute. Last night, we had to run out to Hagerstown, so I got directions to the mall, which has a good amount of stores in it. Old Navy was having a sale on all costumes, 40% off toddler costumes. Mike wanted Seamus to get the lion costume, I wanted to get him the monkey costume, but in the end, Seamus picked the kangaroo costume because "it has a baby!" Cute, cute, cute.