I’m in Maryland now. We (we being me, my dad, and Seamus) left on Friday, Sept 14th and we arrived in Maryland on Saturday, Sept 15th. We had originally intended to drive straight through to Maryland without stopping, but minimum 1 hour traffic delays in Atlanta, Greenville, and Charlotte forced us to stop overnight in Jonesville, NC. We spent the night and started out early the next morning. Seamus did amazingly well the entire time.

Seamus has done a bit of backtracking with his pottytraining, but otherwise, he’s doing fantastically. He has started to get back in his groove and has been going down about 10 every night and sleeping until almost 9. I love having a late sleeper. It means I can stay up a couple of hours after he goes to bed and get some work done. He’s such an awesome kid. I love how he calls Lightning McQueen "Lighnin’ McWayne" and a laptop a "tap-la". I’m grateful he’s well-behaved and polite. I hate snotty children. He has sharing issues, but what 2-year-old doesn’t?

Mike is doing fine, but he doesn’t love his job so much, but I can’t talk about that because of security and all that. I’m not used to all this crazy-secret stuff. In Okinawa, his job was secret, but not so secret that I couldn’t discuss non-mission-essential information or WHERE he worked or what he did there. All I can tell people is that Mike is assigned to Ft Detrick and he’s in the Army and that’s all anyone needs to know. The end. Weird.

I’m digging Frederick so far. The grocery store here is fantastic. Man, how housewifey do I sound right here? Not "Wow, there’s so much historical stuff here!", not "The view really is incredible here!", but "The grocery store is off the chain!". My sixteen-year-old-self would recoil in horror. Giant Eagle has a HUGE selection of organic foods, including ready-made stuff. But what really thrilled me was the price of organic milk. (Sit down, sixteen-year-old self, this is a losing fight.) In Okinawa, organic products cost a small fortune, so I rarely bought them, except for Seamus’ beloved Annie’s Organic Peace Pasta and Parmesan. But here, the prices are so much better than I can actually afford them.

I met one of my e-friends this past week. Chatongris (aka: Jenn) from the Hyenacart message boards brought us dinner. Turkey lasagna, which was delicious. She apparently knows the secret to making finicky toddlers eat. I accidentally cut Seamus a larger piece of lasagna than I intended to, but figured that Mike would probably want seconds (he eats a lot) and he could finish it. Mike and I sat on the couch (as our dining room table is still covered in boxes) and Seamus sat at a small chair at the coffee table. Halfway through my meal, Seamus brings me his empty bowl and asks for more. This is the child who snacks all day long and hardly eats enough to sustain a 2-lb bird. I got him seconds and he ate most of those, too! At least I knew he went to bed with a full tummy that night. 😉