Busy, busy, busy. The last time I wrote, Mike was still here and still had almost 2 weeks until he left. Well, on the 14th, we picked up Spoon at the Pensacola Regional Airport and on the morning of the 15th, Mike and Spoon left for Maryland, which is a 16 hour drive from here. They arrived safely.

Mike already has our house and our things. The last of it arrived today. We have a three bedroom townhouse with wood floors. I’m all kinds of excited. Here is a link to the example house and plans from the neighborhood. Dad (and a U-Haul) are taking me and Seamus back. Since Seamus is inheriting my childhood twin-sized bed, I’m taking the matching chest of drawers and nightstand to put with it. It was infinitely cheaper to pay $200 (and gas) to rent a U-Haul trailer and have dad drive us back instead of having to fly back and then buy a dresser or chest of drawers when we got there. Mom is also letting me have her HUGE cedar wardrobe to keep all my wool in, which is awesome.

I haven’t been working as quickly as I would like because Seamus has been going through a major change in his sleep schedule. I seem to be disappointing one person after another. I took nearly a month on 2 pair of longies, but luckily, my customer was awesome about it and said she didn’t even care because it wasn’t longie weather yet where she lived. Then I lost a pair of waldorf longies that were completed but waiting to be embellished. Luckily, that customer didn’t need them until October. But, today, I pulled a whopper. I ran out of yarn with 4 or 5 inches to do on the second leg. I’m horrified at myself and I’m so nervous to hear back from my customer about it. *sigh* Hopefully this run will quit soon, if it doesn’t, I’m going to have to quit, which would break my heart into a thousand tiny, little pieces.

In nine days I leave for Maryland. I’ve gotten to do a lot of things I meant to while I was here, but the first month that I was here and helping out Amy really threw off my plans. I didn’t get to do everything I want nor see everyone I wanted to. I’m grateful to be going. Seeing my family was nice, but they definitely don’t understand how to be around a toddler. I love my parents and all, but they don’t understand that being with a 2-year-old (that doesn’t nap) from 7am until 5pm is exhausting. They don’t understand that I would be grateful for a break. I guess I can’t expect them to, it has been a while since they had a toddler, well, toddling around. Mike gets it. Mike gives me that 10 minutes to myself and occasional day off that I so need. I need a vacation from vacation, LOL.