We’re back in the states and I’m finally beginning to feel human again. I don’t know why it has taken me so much longer to recover from this trip than the others, but at least I’m feeling better now. It probably hasn’t helped that we’ve only been here a week and change and we’ve already done so much! We’ve also had some (personal) family issues, so the stress of that has make time fly.

We have a new (to us) Nissan Altima. It was Mike’s mom’s second car, but she sold it to us because she needed money and we needed a car. We’ve had to fix a few things on it- like the driver’s side mirror that she knocked off- but all in all, I’m pretty pleased. I’m especially pleased that it didn’t cost us as much to fix the mirror as we were told it was going to cost. What had happened was that Mike’s mom knocked it off the car going through a drive-thru. When she took it in for an estimate, they wanted to replace the entrire door. The guy swore the electronic wires to the mirror were damaged and tt was going to cost her about $250 to fix. She didn’t want to pay that, so she left it off and quit driving it. Enter me and Mike: Mike Googles around and figured out how to replace the mirror assembly. I told Mike even if the electronic part didn’t work, at least we had a mirror- we could manually move it as necessary. I shopped around, found a mirror assembly (that matched the car, to boot!) on Ebay for about $35, bought it and Mike and my dad replaced it in about 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoon. Voila! $200 saved- and the electronic positioning system still works on it- HA!

We were supposed to be going to Disney World this upcoming weekend, but because Seamus is still in a cast, we put off the trip until after he gets it off. I don’t think it would be fair to him to be around all those water rides and such and not be able to enjoy them. Just as well, I’ll have more time to save some more money.

Mike is leaving for Maryland on the 15th of August- which happens to be the same day Seamus gets his cast off. One of the guys that Mike worked with in Okinawa, ‘Spoon, has to be there at the same time, so he’s meeting Mike here in Florida and driving up with him. I feel better about that than Mike driving that distance alone. I love Spoon. I would adopt Spoon if I could. He’s THAT precious. Anyway, today I decided Mike needed a cell phone for the trip. After all, you never know what’s going to happen.

So, we went to T-Mobile and walked out with this:

(for Mike)

And this:

(for me)

I finally have a Sidekick! Expensive, but worth it. I’ve only been wanting one for over 4 years. Ryan (who is my best friend and deaf) uses one and this is going to make it 5,000% easier to keep in touch. No more running back-and-forth to the computer when I want to talk to her, no more bloody relay operators (I appreciate the service, but I hate telling my business to a stranger), and no more lost emails or dropped IMs. I’m so happy that I could cry.