My Seamus has his father’s impeccable timing. On Friday afternoon, shortly after Mike had left for PT, Seamus decided to stand on the back of the computer chair and jump off. Weeeee! Of course, as I mentioned before, Mike wasn’t home and we had just gotten our cell phone cut off last month, so I couldn’t get in touch with him. I finally ended up getting a ride and leaving a note for Mike on the computer. He showed up right after we got done with X-Rays. One nice, long three-hour visit to the ER later, my baby boy has a fractured arm. He managed to fracture both bones in his right arm. They put it in a splint that night and instructed us to go to the orthopedic clinic first thing Monday morning to have it casted and to get the final word on how long he’ll be in a cast.

So, this morning, we go at 7:00 to the orthopedic Clinic. Seven is much too early to have to be anywhere- life should not begin before 10, at the very earliest, ever. It took me, Mike, and 2 corpsmen to hold him down to get the cast on (he chose dinosaur print). He screamed, he cried, he kicked, he hit. I have a fat lip from being punched with the cast and one of the corpsmen may or may not have a black eye. He’s going to be in the cast for at least four weeks, probably closer six. We go back on the 17th to see the pediatric orthopedic doctor to find out an exact timeframe. So, after we get to the states, we’ll have to travel over to the military hospital about an hour from my parent’s house to get it removed. What sucks, though, is that he’ll have it on when we go to Disney World. I hate it for him, poor kid. I’m trying to decide if we should cancel the trip, but I hate to do that. We’ll see.

Anyway, as you can see, he was thrilled with the entire ordeal (his cast is split on the side because his arm was swollen):

This Friday, at K&F, we’re having a stocking in honor of my leaving Japan, called "Shanna’s Leaving Japan-a". I have some awesome yarns for the stocking. "Japanese Joy" by Yarn Love, "Hoo-oo" by Elliebelly, "Tokyo" by Selah, and "Sushi Sonnets" by Dyeing to Fly. I also have a little Japanese Baby waldorf doll by Hillcountry Dollmaker. And to top it all off, you can see all of it in the gorgeous banner Dawn of Serene Terrene made me:

I have awesome friends.