I’ve sat here the past 2 Sundays and said, "I need to update my blog." Did I do it? No, obviously not. And I don’t know why I didn’t- I enjoy blogging. I enjoy showing what I’ve done. I just didn’t make the effort to do it. Oh well. No use in crying over it.

In my absence, I have been quite productive. For one of my favorite customers, I made my newest favorite custom. On Mosaic Moon‘s Seadragon, I embellished 3 pieces of sushi: ebi (my personal fave), tamago, and a california roll. On the front is the kanji for sushi. I think they turned out so cute. I may just have to make Seamus a pair.

For another one of my fabulous repeat customers, I made these cute whale shorts out of my beloved Elliebelly‘s My World is Blue. Seriously, Joyce, marry me? Please? I love you. I managed to churn these out in record time. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m glad! I love how friendly-looking the whale turned out.

And this was probably the most fun project of all: a surprise custom for a trade. I’ve never done a complete surprise before and I loved it. These were done from Tykie Knits‘s Stormy Seas. For ages, I’ve been wanting to try a pocket on something and this was the perfect oppertunity. After I made the pocket, it reminded me of the Brother Bear doll I had when I was younger. You remember Brother Bear, right? Of The Bernstein Bears? Well, my Brother Bear doll has (yes, has; My mom still has him, Sister Bear, Mama Bear, and Brother Bear) a pocket with a tiny frog hanging out of it. So cute. These inspire all kinds of fond memories. 🙂

And, last, but certainly not least, my part of a Father’s Day collaboration. These are from Mosaic Moon‘s Chocolate Sky with Clouds. Yummy. I embellished them with a dachshund around the leg. The matching waldorf shorts have a bone on them. I can’t wait to see Joyce (Hillcountry Dollmaker) and Dawn’s (Serene Terrene) parts with it. Joyce is making a fabulous waldorf doll with honey-colored hair and Dawn is making a beautiful child-sized Mei-Tai. I swear if I hadn’t made part of this collab, I’d be bidding. Watch for it this Friday (6 June) at K&F.

In the days between work, we took a family trip to the beach. Good times were had by all. On our way there, we stopped at the store to buy some sunblock and Seamus insisted on buying a GIANT sandbucket. I swear the thing was as big as him. He built a lovely sand castle with said bucket. I see the next Frank Lloyd Wright, don’t you?

I finally managed to complete Seamus’ Japanese Kimono this week. I’ve been looking for boy’s kimono shoes for over a year now and I finally found some this week. Yay! Move over, Tom Cruise, there’s a new Last Samurai in town!

And, to be filed under "My child is so freaking cute!": The other night, Seamus found a picture that was taken last summer in Disney World with him, Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh. He brought it to me and "Who dat"-ed everyone in the picture. "That’s Tigger."  "That’s Eeyore." "That’s Pooh". He said, "Okay! Tiggah…Eee-yo…and….STINKY!" Stinky is what we call it when he poops. LOL, I love that kid so much.