I’ve decided to go on a diet. As much as I love my food, I need to lose a few (OK, more than a few, but baby steps, right?) pounds before we move. Actually, mostly this came about after Seamus learned the phrase, "Will you get me a Coke, please?" and asked for one the other morning for breakfast. Um, no, that won’t work. I tried to take some body shots to motivate myself, but I’m so short that only my torso shows up in the mirror.

I went to the fabric store again today because I won the Ham’s Jam charity raffle for Wanted which consisted of a wallet and a custom slot (!). I never win anything! Can you believe Dena actually asked if I wanted to SHARE my custom slot. I asked if her blood sugar was low. I picked up this fabric by Etsuko and I’m 90% sure I want to use it for my custom:

When I first saw it on Reprodepot, I thought it was hideous. The picture they use is REALLY unfortunate, but when you see it in person, it is really funky and lovely. I’m really in love with this fabric, too, but I heaven’t seen it here. I may just buy a yard of it and send it to Dena to coordinate. I may just watch and see if my local fabric store gets it in. I may eat a pickle. Have I ever mentioned that the name of my Local Fabric Store is "House of 66 Cents"? Want to know what costs 66 cents there? NOT A DAMN THING. That fabric, for example, was ¥1168, which is roughly $10/meter. The professional grade elastic I use for my longies and shorties is ¥150 (about $1.20/meter). 

Look how artistic my son is! He decorated the sode of my fridge for me. We had a long talk about how the fridge is lovely now, but I would much prefer that he do his art on paper so I can take it with us. I don’t think housing would take kindly to me taking their fridge with me, no matter how beautiful Seamus made it. I do plan on leaving it until we move, though.