…for Taco Bell. Man, I could seriously go for a taquito. Yummy. Maybe Mike will get my subliminal messages and bring some home.

There are only a few things in the world that I don’t like. Dolphins and sock monkeys are two of them. Can you believe that one customer of mine requested both? It’s like a cosmic joke or something. Robin is lucky that I love her, otherwise she may have gotten a big, fat NO. The dolphin is on Mosaic Moon‘s Winter Solstice Sky and the Sock Monkey is on Yarn Love‘s (formerly known as: Bungalow Buns) Skittles. I love Katie’s cast-offs and seconds. They make me happy. SEND ME MORE, KATIE. DO YOU HEAR ME? MOOOOOOOORE.

These, however, I am exceptionally proud of. They couldn’t have turned out more perfect if they had been melted and poured. My beloved Elliebelly‘s organic merino in Heath & Heather. I trimmed it in Zarya Fog by Peace Fleece. Now, I’m allergic to mohair and now, thanks to the Peace Fleece, I’m itching like mad, but the outcome is worth the itchies.  The flowers were made seperately to achieve a 3D effect. Love it. I want some for me! I hope the owner likes them. I’ve emailed her a few times and she hasn’t emailed me back. I guess I should just mail these to her and wait on her second custom rather than making it and being stuck with it. :/

This week at K&F we’re doing a racecar theme. I am so excited to be offering Shepard’s Wool in Yarn Love’s Cars colorway. And don’t worry: I bought enough to make some for my own Cars lover. 😉