Today I took a trip to the fabric store and came out with 2 bags full. Which was nice, until I realized only one thing was for me! The three fabrics on the left are Japanese kimono fabrics (from l to r: Okinawan kimono fabric, traditional male kimono fabric, and traditional female kimono fabric). I bought those for Joyce of Hillcountry Dollmaker. The other two fabrics (with the spider webs) are from the new Etsuko Summer 2007 line. I bought them for Dena of Ham’s Jam. I was impressed to see I had an Etsuko fabric that ReproDepot didn’t have (the black one).

What was for me, you ask? That super-duper roll of white elastic you see in the top left corner. Go on, be jealous.

I love how knowledgable Japanese fabric stores are.  When I ask for two meters (because, you clever Americans, Japan uses that crazy metric system), they automatically tell me that is 2.25 yards. LOVE IT.

My collaboration is up at K&F. Isn’t it gorgeous? I almost wish I had a girl to put it on.