I’m doing a collaboration. A collaboration, you ask? Yes, a collaboration. It’s when a few people who make things get together and make a set of something and sell it together. I am collaborating with Joyce of Hillcountry Dollmaker and Dawn of Serena Terrene for Mother’s Day. We making a "mini-mommy" set. Dawn is making a child-sized mei tai (baby carrier, not fruity alcoholic drink), Joyce is making a blonde doll that is tentetively named Sharon, and I made these toddler-sized capris and matching waldorf doll capris:

They’re made from Zen String’s Bloom on bulky BFL. I am now in lust with bulky BFL. The leg of the toddler capris says "Bloom" and the leg of the waldorf capris has a heart on it. I cannot wait to see everything together. I sincerely hope people think this collaboration is as awesome as I do. 😀 If this goes over well, we’re doing a "mini-daddy" set for Father’s Day. I had to end up mailing it out to Dawn by Express shipping because I was dumb and waited too long. Bad, bad Shanna.

I’m slowing down my customs list this month for our move in July. I know I’m going to need time to arrange things and clean things out, so I need to take a cut in my list to do it. Which sucks because the money is nice and I love having a creative outlet, but we need to clean out quite a bit before we move and that takes time.