First, let me show you my gorgeous, fabulous, and brand-spanking-new knitting bag from Dena of Ham’s Jam:

Grey whale corduroy and Amy Butler’s grey lacework and sky wallflower from the Lotus line. Isn’t it delicious? I also have a matching needle roll and a clutch to throw little things like my Chibis (I have a green one for sharp needles and a pink one for dulls) and scissors, etc in. I can’t wait until I have a reason to use it.

I almost dropped the ball on these pants. They’re for my Sister-in-Law, Amy, for her baby shower next weekend. My brother, Jay, is an Auburn grad (along with pretty much everyone else in my family except me) and I know he’ll love them. I should have had them done last week, but I got my weekends confused because I thought her shower was the weekend of the 27th instead of this coming weekend. Oops. I’ll be paying a rediculous amount of money to mail them out express tmw. Now, to be honest, Jay and Amy probably won’t appreciate the work that went into them (that AU took about 4 hours to do, not including the pants themselves- I had to keep ripping out and re-doing the AU because it was crooked or uneven or whatever), but surely they’ll appreciate the pants themselves…they better, anyway, or I’ll cry.

Yesterday, we went to the aquarium and the pineapple farm. We were supposed to go for my birthday, which was last weekend, but it rained all weekend, so we did it this weekend instead. Seamus had the best time. They have this glassed-in "cave" under the sea turtle tank, which you can watch the sea turtles swim all around you. Seamus was facinated by them. He kept calling them "doggy" and we kept tell him, "No, turtle." At one point, he looked at Mike and said, "DOGGY! DOGGY! DOGGY!" Mike looked at him and said, "TURTLE! TURTLE! TURTLE!". Seamus thought about it for a moment, looked at Mike quite seriously, and said, "Turkey." Hahahaha, I love that kid. At the pineapple farm, we got some homegrown tomatoes and pinapple, some pinapple wine, and some Christmas presents. On our way out, we got some pineapple soft-serve. Seamus liked it so much that he stole mine.