I don’t think I’ve really stopped since my last post (March 28th). I had another stocking on April 1st and I sold out the same day- I was amazed. I shouldn’t have stocked so much! I did it to give people a variety to choose from because I was so sure that there was NO WAY I was going to sell out. WRONG. I even had people stalking me. Me! I got stalked! 😀 LOL, now I’m up to my ears in customs. Lesson learned.

Since I last wrote, I made these, which are aran-weight BFL by Dashing Dachs in Levi Rabbit. I love the pooling on these. I adore it. I think pooling can be hideous or fabulous. These definately rank as fabulous. Unfortunately, the little boy they were intended for has grown and they don’t fit, so they’re coming back to me. I was upset about it at first, mostly at myself for her not getting him to re-measure him before I sent them out, but now I’m over it. I could re-sell them, but I’m keeping them for Seamus because they fit him anyway (I tried them on him because they were close to his measurements and I wanted to be sure the legs were even, etc etc). I have a bit of yarn left over so I can make some matching shorts for his new waldorf doll that he’s getting for his birthday. I need to see if I can get Joyce [Hillcountry Dollmaker] to make a pale blue shirt for the doll.

I also made these. Targhee in Three Kings by Mosaic Moon (Joyce [Elliebelly], you will remember me telling you about these). These is a really awful picture, but I finished them at the beginning of dusk and I had to get them packed I loooove this yarn. I also love how evenly it turned out. The mom who bought them loves the design. I’m really glad. I hate working so hard on something and having someone be "eh" about it. Enthusiam has proven refreshing.

And lastly, I worked on these, which I finished today. So stinkin’ cute. I love them so much. I should thank Gymboree and their insect line for their inspiration. Oh, wait, I already did. I ordered $180 worth of clothes for Seamus while I was getting inspired. XD You’re welcome, Gymboree.