I’ve been working myself to death for pretty much a month straight. This morning, I should have been starting on Tricia’s Levi Rabbit shorties, but Kathy called and asked if Seamus and I would like to join herself and baby Ava for sushi and Starbucks. Sushi AND Starbucks? How could I resist?! So, I took the morning off, didn’t start any new projects, and got all prettied up for sushi and Starbucks. It was nice to get out and talk about something other than yarn, orders, and trips to the post office for a couple of hours. I did manage to get these little beauties out in the mail, though:

They’re simple and sweet and deliciously newborn-sized. They made me want to immediately get pregnant. I really liked the way they pooled and then unpooled. I came home this afternoon and started back to work, but it was nice to get a break.

My boys are fighting over a bag of Doritos. Maybe I should pay attention to them.