Licorice Twist merino, how I love/hate you.

I love licorice twist merino: it’s gorgeous. You simply connot achieve with any other type of yarn what that one little strand does for licorice twist. Not only that, but’s shimmery and squishable. It begs to be molested. Love me, fiber artist, love me! See, look; just look! Nurturing Threads licorice twist merino in "Morning Dew". Delicious:

I hate licorice twist merino: this is the most tempramental yarn EVER. I wanted to kill it. I worked up a good 5 inches of the body before I realized I should be using smaller tools. The large hook led to bigger holes, which in turn made it stretchier- stretch is great in jeans…not so great in a waterproof cover for your child’s diaper. I had to rip out all that work and re-do it. So frustrating! Luckily my customer was very understanding and even appreciative and even added on a teeny-tiny pair of Waldorf doll longies to match.

The end product was well worth the wait. The customer originally wanted  tropical fish, but when I had to redo the yarn, the yarn took on a different look. Less water-y, more swamp-y. I call them Rabbit Creek (the name of the bayou down the street from my parent’s house where alligators, cattails, and reeds frequented):

I would have liked to have taken the pictures of these outside instead of on my drying racks, but we’re entering the rainy season here in Okinawa, so it’s starting to rain almost every day. Of course, last night I finally gave up and sealed it up in the envelope and woke up this morning to a gorgeous day. Go figure.

I love washing wool. I love that Seamus likes helping me wash wool. The act of letting them soak is relaxing and Seamus makes taking them out quite fun. He helps me lay the towel out, he "helps" me place them and reshape them, he helps me roll up the towel, but his favorite part is stomping on the rolled-up towel. Either that or pulling the still-wet wool off of the drying racks.

Seamus called my parents this morning. He dialed the number and everything. YAY SPEEDDIAL! He intitiated the conversation with, "Hi, whatcha wearin’?". Classy.