Mike is home and I am so happy, even though it seems last night’s curry experience didn’t sit well. I am 90% positive he has a touch of food poisoning, but he won’t let me take him to the ER- and he WON’T let me take him to the ER until he’s at death’s door because he’s a man and that’s what men do. 😛 It must have been the cheese in his curry because Seamus and I shared the same type of curry, but we didn’t have cheese and we didn’t get sick. He’s been sleeping most of the day today. Hopefully he’ll be over it tmw so we can do something.

I’m grateful that my marriage is out of that dramariffic stage of marriage and has been out of it for at least a couple of years. I hadn’t thought about it much until these past few days, with my friend’s problems. Those first few years are the hardest: the fighting, the crying, the scrutinizing, the rollercoaster of emotions, etc etc etc. We naïvely call it passion when we don’t know any better. Passion isn’t all that drama that makes a marriage seem exciting in those first few years, far from it. Passion grows. That furious sexual passion, the one where you can’t get enough of one another, the one where you constantly paw at each other every hour of every day, should eventually grow into the enduring love fo a husband and a wife. That is passion. Not needing to tell everyone that you love each other- they just know; not needing to constantly feel physical gratification- just being content to just be with the other person; those looks that you know, that glance accross the room that only you know, the laying in bed late at night and quietly laughing together, that is passion. That is what keeps a marriage going. If you can’t get past that initial "passion", then you can’t grow into anything else.