I’ve been a busy, busy Shanna the past few days. My grand opening went well- I didn’t sell any instock, but I sold out all 6 of my customs and semi-custom slots, which is great. I’m up to my ears in customs, but I did manage to get a pair of shorts made for the Easter stocking at  Knitteds and Fitteds. I’m also going to be stocking a semi-custom in Dashing Dach’s Levi Rabbit (I think it looks like a little boy who has gone outside in his Easter outfit before church). I might also stock another boyish semi-custom, but it’s iffy- it depends on how far down my list I am. My first custom project is re-creating the moose manpris I made Seamus into shorts (pictures). They’re coming along well in Irish Baby Knit’s Fitzgerald– which looks very camoflauge-ish worked up. It’s going to be awesome. I really need to ask Joyce where she got that nifty progress bar on her blog. I need one.

I’m not as far along as I would like to be with them, though. A lot of things have been going on with the people around me and that has set back my time table by a couple of days. In fact, right now, I have a house guest. My friend and her 2 year old daughter are here after said friend got the blow of her life today- out of the blue her husband is divoricing her. I feel so badly for her, but at the same time, I am so angry at her husband for being such a complete fuckwit (that’s my favorite curse word ever and it is completely warranted in this situation). I had actually dropped Seamus off at her house this morning so I could get some things done- namely cleaning the house- and she called me 2 hours later sobbing, asking me to come right now. I thought something was wrong with Seamus- I made the normally 20-25 minute drive in about 7 minutes. I ran red lights left and right. My Seamus was fine, my friend was not. So, she’s here tonight- I think it’s best. But, the bad part is: Mike is coming home tmw, and I haven’t gotten everything accomplished today that I needed to. Oh well, he’ll understand. I can make his carrot cake this weekend- maybe he’ll even keep me company while I make it.

I can’t wait to see Mike. I want to just hug him for hours. After the rollercoaster ride I’ve had the past few days, I could use something affirming.