Since this is a brand-new blog (and my old LJ one hasn’t seen the light of day in months), I guess I could do us all a favor and share with the class what is currently going on in my life:

As part of the ongoing project: New Year, New Shanna™, I finally decided to take the plunge and delve into the world of WAHMing, like I’ve been toying with the idea of doing for months. My husband got a bonus for reenlisting and that enabled me to buy what I needed to get started. I’m currently in the process of opening up a small store to sell my crocheted and embellished pants (aka: longies, shorties, soakers) for use with cloth diapering. Still with me? Good. To raise money for advertising, I made pants for Waldorf longies for Hyenacart dollars. I got so many orders that I made enough money to pay for many months of advertising. Yay! But, now, I’m finished with all those and finally working on stock for my store. In the midst of working on stuff for my store, I was invited to join the Knitteds and Fitteds Congo, which I accepted after much debate and I am so glad I did. I’m lovin’ it. So, long story short, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. Add to that, Mike is currently in Korea for a month for WLC and I am one frazzled mama.

My store isn’t even open yet (but I’m getting there! Hopefully I’ll open the first week of March.), but I’ve already managed to learn a few things:

  1. Never offer to make anything totally for fake money- at least have it paid partially in real money. I know I managed to pay for advertising and all that, but damn. NEVER AGAIN. That was the most unrewarding experience EVER. Working your fingers to the bone and never seeing your account grow- this must be what a certain WAHM’s sweat shop workers feel like.
  2. No matter how nice you think people are or how well you think you know them, one thing is sure: THEY ALL SUCK AND THEY WILL COPY YOU. That sweet girl who compliments the hell out of your stuff when you post pictures? She’d studying up to copy you. Go ahead and be paranoid, you’re probably rightly so.
  3. When in doubt, buy more yarn- you can always use it for something else. It sucks to be, like, 80% finished with something and run out of yarn, only to discover it’s all sold out and they’re never making any more.
  4. You can’t kill your toddler. No matter how bad he is being or how much he resembles Satan’s spawn, you can not kill him. At least that’s what Kelly tells me. *harrumphs*

Right now my current project is a pair of newborn longies in Irish Baby Knit’s Sheridan. They are so simple and sweet (and TINY), they’re making me all broody. Next up is Dashing Dach’s Levi Rabbit…but only if I can locate some suitable trim tmw at Jusco. If not, I guess it can wait until my Irish Baby Knits order comes in- I know there’s suitable trim in there.

I finished these today and I’m quite proud. Elliebelly’s Eleanor colorway on delicious licorice twist yarn with lavender trim and embellished violets on one leg. I’m really pleased with them. I named them Sharon:

Why Sharon? Because, you clever reader: Sharon is my mom’s name and violets are her favorite flower. Not only that, but I have enough yarn left over to make a "twin" pair, which I can name after my mom’s identical twin sister, Shelia. So, when I sell Sharon, she’ll have an option to add-on Shelia. 😛 I win at life.